How much would you like to pay for ? 

Video by | Sandra Gysi, Donkeyshot Productions, CH

In the midst of a department store, the artists are seeking to establish a physical dialogue between the trade gesture and the artistic gesture. The artistic act becomes a symbol, for a short moment, a moment of sharing, a need to exist and a sustenance. A personal experience without prices or profit, to measure and to estimate by ourself.

Nassim el Raqs festival in Alexandria invited the Austrian choreographer Christian Ubl to create a site-specific performance with the students of the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center and two musicians, Khaled Kaddal and Zakaria El Eskanderani. The outcome will be premiered in D-CAF festival.

Nassim el Raqs is designed and produced by Centre Rézodanse – Egypte (Alexandria) and Momkin – espaces de possibles (Marseilles). How much would you like to pay for? is coproduced by the Austrian Cultural Forum / the Austrian Ambassy in Cairo

Term performance | 1H


8 avril 2015
festival D-CAF | Le Caire
16 avril 2015
festival Nassim el Raqs | Alexandrie

Conception et Choreography | Christian UBL

workshop collaboration | Ingrid Florin

Dancers | students of the Cairo Contemporary Dance

Producers | Ambassade d’Autriche et le Forum culturel autrichien au Caire

Coordination & organisation | Lucien Arino, Emilie Petit, Delphine Blondet

Administration / production | Laurence Larcher / CUBe association

Music | Khaled Kadda & Zakaria el Eskandarani


Mada Masr | 31 05 2015

Mada Masr

Ahram Online

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