A U | Telerama

Christian Ubl, Kylie Walters – Au, Olivier Dubois – Mon élue noire

© Fabienne Gras

Amazing mixed evening with a doublette of extremely different choreographers. The exploratory gesture of Christian Ubl, here in complicity with the performer Kylie Walters, traces in the middle of their two courses – one is Austrian, the other Australian – to create AU, between Viennese Waltz and traditional Aboriginal dances. Olivier Dubois has bet on the dancer Germaine Acogny, Franco-Senegalese, “black spiritual girl” Maurice Béjart, to stage My Black Elven, a solitary version of the Rite of Spring, Stravinsky. In a transparent airlock, a woman immerses herself in the time immemorial of her roots. To discover.