Rivage du monde n°7

Without borders or censorship

L’Hexagone de Meylan 11-17

S T I L is a work that takes the viewer out of his comfortable landmarks

Dauphiné Libéré | At the Lux Scène Nationale

The performance is strong and bold

Dauphiné Libéré | Art nouveau

STIL revisits the Art Nouveau

LE LAB by Estelle

A representation that to "STIL"

Ventilo | Effect of S T I L

An artistic show in every sense of the word

Théâtrorama | expressionist of the dance

STIL dance with love and death

Zibeline | March 2017

Diving in the Jugendstil

Interview | DANSER canal historique

Censorship can go as far as controlling intimate desires

les inRockUptibles | 02-17

The Austrian flying

La terrace | at the heart of the biennial

Christian Ubl who becomes the new artist associated with la Briqueterie

La Provence | on the side of Klimt

Art that eternal resumption

La Marseillaise | A question from S T I L

Strong plastic force, hard-hitting ...