VENTILO | November 11, 2022

Piece for four performers on identity by CUBe Association (1h). Design and choreography: Christian Ubl. From 12 years old

Anima questions the identity and the sometimes complex path of the teenager who discovers his singularity. A questioning of social injunctions and gender based on manga aesthetics and Kabuki theater.

Since 2005, CUBe has been developing under the direction of Christian UBL, with a view to open collaboration between several contemporary artists. The choreographer wants to offer spaces for research in movement, image, music, architecture, new technologies and text.
CUBe artists create a world that revolves around body and movement to explore contemporary issues. A scenic research, with multiple facets, which imposes on us a questioning on the direction, the power or the weakness of the dance, the absence like the presence of a body in action, as well as the artistic act in itself. , its necessity and its visibility.

© Pierre Canitrot