KLAP! KLAP! | 2008

The spectator in amongst the audience is at the heart of a movable structure that distorts the performance space. The installation: one, then two, three, four… a crowd of hands, held breaths, and bodies wondering, thinking, responding. Then comes the applause: a noise, a sound, a rhythm… music.

Klap! Klap! gives centre-stage to the spectator, focusing on their role, their place, and their presence. The scenic exploration brings together the body, text, sound, video and performance, creating the possibility of a playful or meaningful abstract bodily quest.

Embodying, playing, and becoming the star spectator! Exploring, choreographing, verbalising, daring to act: applauding on stage creates a living performance centred on its main witness: the audience. Isolated, the everyday act of the spectator is frenzied. Together, it is powerful and exhilarating. This social convention – clapping – so widespread, yet rarely dramatized, is twisted to create an unexpected poetic emotion.

  • Conception & Choreography | Christian Ubl

  • Performers | 
Fabrice Cattalano, Christian Ubl et Marion Mangin

  • Video | Fabienne Gras

  • Music | 
Fabrice Cattalano

  • Scenography
 | Anabel Bicelli

  • lighting design | 
Jean Bastien Nehr

  • Text & Scenario | 
François Tessier

  • Costumes | Pierre Canitrot

  • Photo | Matthieu Barret

Administration & Production
 | CUBe Association

Coproduction | 
3bisF lieu d’arts contemporains France
 | Ballet National de Marseille | France
 ARCADI Action régional de la création artistique et la diffusion
 en Ile de France

Coproduction & Residencies  | Théâtre Le Colombier à Bagnolet (F) | festival Concordan(s)e

 | Studio Kelemenis à Marseille (F)

Loan studio | Centre National de la Danse à Pantin (F) | 
3bisF- Lieu d’arts contemporains à Aix-en-Provence (F)

 | DRAC Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur 
dans le cadre de l’aide à la création | 
Ville d’Istres | 
Conseil Général Bouches-du-Rhône
 | Conseil Général de Seine-Saint-Denis
 | Forum Autrichien à Paris