Friday, July 14, 2017

Visual Arts • Theater • Reflection • Performance • Dance

Panem and circenses – bread and games! – he said…
And if, far from sinking into a hypnotic sleep the place of the game gathered us to think actively, collectively and especially, differently … Come celebrate at 3 bis a national holiday resolutely a new genre and all genres. An appointment placed this year under the sign of the 3. Waltz whimsical and serious standing on the 3 feet of the 3 bis f: Art – Folie – Cité. A symposium / action to practice together to a joyous collective thought. A space-time to collocate, implement, put into action and do together in 3’33 or 33 ‘or 333’ ‘.

photos©Jean Barak


3.30 pm Opening: Reception and registration

5 pm Workshops with variable geometry

7 pm Plenary session: 3 conferences – performed

8:30 pm Banquet

10 pm The Bal

11 pm It’s not there, it’s there

With the honorable presence of: Alain Béhar, Matthieu Bertéa, Caroline Blanc, Fabrice Cattalano, Mareva Carrasou, Charlie China, Michaël Cros, Mathilde Dromard, Juhyung lee, Diane Guyot of Saint Michel, Christelle Harbonn, Malte Schwind, Thierry Lagalla, Christian Mazzuchini, Gwennaëlle Roulleau, Christian Ubl

Open to all, visitors for a day or forever.

Free entry.

Banquet 12 € [Very prized] Presales indispensable!

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