B&W' s | 2010 | 2012


conception & choreography | Christian Ubl
assistant | Fabienne Gras
Performers | Émilie Camacho, Christian Ubl
costumes | Pierre Canitrot
music | NAPE – Audrey Aubert
scenography | Émile Genoud
lighting design | Jean-Bastien Nehr


conception & choreography | Christian Ubl
assistant | Fabienne Gras
Performers | Marianne Descamps, Anaïs Poulet, Élodie Cnockaert, Nathalie Hofmann, Mike Ben Hadj et Patrick Gilbert
costumes | Pierre Canitrot
accessories | Anabel Bicelli
music | Fabrice Cattalano | Moonlight sonata I & II mouvement Beethoven
lighting design | Jean-Bastien Nehr

The soul is inexplicable. It breathes life into the body, and can refer to the artist and their presence. Today, in times of crisis and materialism, it could also be a refuge, if not a saviour. It could rebuild man and his relationship to others… but it remains imprisoned within the body.

Based on these notions, BlackSoul & WhiteSpace is a diptych. It tells the story of appearance and disappearance, introspection and deliverance. Whilst BlackSoul shows the disembodied individual as a wandering soul, WhiteSpace extends this metamorphosis in a space where eternity is embodied by the power of light and sculpture-like poses.

The double journey evokes the eternal energy of the human countenance. It is a receptive and performative universe, examining the role of art in this transfiguration. Black on one side, white on the other, two shades are summoned together around a troubling performance caught between drama and abstraction, like an arch straining towards eternity.

production | CUBe association

support | DRAC PACA, du Conseil Régional PACA, du Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône, du Forum culturel autrichien à Paris, de la Ville d’Istres, de l’Ambassade de France en Autriche et de l’Ambassade d’Autriche à Dublin.

coproduction blackSoul | CDC/Paris Réseau, Ballet Preljocaj-CCN d’Aix-en-Provence, Kelemenis & cie

blackSoul residencies | Studio Kelemenis (Marseille), Arsenic (Lausanne), Les Anciennes Cuisines (Neuilly-sur-Marne), Théâtre de l’Étoile Nord (Paris) | Ballet Preljocaj-CCN d’Aix-en-Provence

coproduction whiteSpace | co-accueil studio 2012 KLAP Maison pour la danse (résidence de finalisation 2012) et Ballet National de Marseille-CCN de Marseille

whiteSpace residencies | La Tannerie (Barjols), CDC Le Pacifique (Grenoble), Centre national de la danse (Pantin), Micadanses (Paris), Ballet National de Marseille-CCN de Marseille et KLAP Maison pour la danse (Marseille) | Tipperary Dance Platform (Tipperary, Irlande)

CUBe association is based in Marseille (FR) and supported by the Minister of Culture, Art and Communication DRAC PACA, the Conseil Régional PACA, the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône, the city of Marseille and the Culture Forum of Austria in Paris.