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Report: Hansel & Gretel revisited by choreographer Christian Ubl at Massalia Theater, Marseille on 23 and 24 February

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”5359″ img_size=”full”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]In this work intended for young audiences, mean that it is able to seduce children as much as adults, Christian UBL intelligently approaches the attraction for junk food, the report of the Man junkfood. The food here is treated in a plastic way, literally and figuratively!

The interpretation is surprising as it is modern. Transposed to our time, the codes of narration are set aside to leave room for the rhythmic wandering of two couples of dancers on the sounds and rhythms played live by Fabrice Cattalano.

Seduced by the sweet and savory flavors of sweets and hamburgers, ice creams and pizzas, H & G have been snatched up by the supermarket world: they stuff themselves to the limit. The 4 performers appearing in turn grotesque or disturbing characters evolve like small ogres sated and possessed by the products of supermarkets! The absolutely amazing rapper / musician / noisemaker / singer joins them on stage in this explosive staging.

During most of the show the children in the room ask in vain the question: “But where is the witch? “. It is from a mist of smoke that the answer finally arises. Ghostly movements, grimaces, disturbing music Christian Ubl makes us deliciously scared! The public is even more delighted when 2 brave children chosen among the spectators must convert the witches into nice creatures …

H & G is a great success where musicians and dancers of talents evolve in a universe, sweet, colorful, funny and excessive, oscillating between self-undisputed pleasures and excesses morally very questionable.

It’s a show for young audiences, or rather for audiences of all ages with a child’s soul, but it is also a choreographic work where music and dance find a very nice balance.

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