L’amuse-danse ! | July 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

“A U”: how green is my “meadow”!

Translate a title why not, since it is here question of Austrian culture with Christian Ubl and Australian with Kylie Walter: “Au”, Austria or Australia, “meadow” in German, what is the deal in this tender and crisp evocation of cultures choreographic sensitive to each of these “nations” flags and banners at half-mast or jubilant, wound on stage on sticks as a symbolic scenography.It is white dressed, it is in bent suit, engorged or somewhat hampered by the tradition; it is sparkling, it is more restrained in rigidity or good manners.
They weave together a comical and offbeat “being together” who plays on the dance codes of each of their origins and it works, it heckles and it hits the rhythm in the presence of a musician accomplice, live, Seb Martel.La legendary waltz questions about its codes, cultural identity cards take their rank; ritual, decading, shifting genres for the roots of trees that we are not! CUBe association is getting the best share and leaves a new “landscape” hatches for Gilles Clément, effective aborigine of the imaginary scenography: two beautiful plants on stage who push the cork to discrete delirium and weighed, measured as the “thousand” time of a waltz disfigured by humor and distancing.

© Fabienne Gras