le dauphiné | DEC 18

H & G for Hänsel & Gretel! Christian Ubl preoccupied by the excesses of food due to our consumption patterns, revisits one of the most famous tales of Grimm and questions our relationship to food. It’s also a great way for children to dive into contemporary dance.
Today, our food consumption patterns are often influenced by a deceptive market seduction. Hänsel and Gretel succumb to it in their own way. Initially, the tale: lost in the forest by their parents while famine rages, Hänsel and Gretel discover a bread house with sugar windows and feed without knowing that it belongs to a witch who attracts children so to eat them … On stage: 4 dancers adorned with colorful suggestive costumes evolve in a world where fear, pleasure, gluttony, frustration, abandonment, the dream color by turns grotesque and disturbing the attraction for junk food. To be satisfied, to swim in opulence, to possess without limit, is this happiness? Funny and excessive, this piece invites young and old not to be fooled by ephemeral pleasures …

Source/crédits : Fabienne Gras