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“Shake it out” has stirred the public of Langogne


The contemporary dance show plays on the symbolism of European flags.

Blown away, the Langonese spectators who had the chance to brave the snow to attend the contemporary dance show “Shake it out”, performed by CUBe company, proposed by the Fadarelles, the Langogne Town Hall and the Crossed Scenes, this Saturday evening , at the multipurpose room.

Against the backdrop of the founding speech of the European construction of Winston Churchill, a dancer is given the mission of appropriating the different European identities symbolized by their flag. Unable to swallow them, he must resolve to see the colorful pennants dispersed at the mercy of political, economic, social and cultural fluctuations, blowing hot and cold: sometimes euphoric, walking on the ode to the joy of Ludwig, sometimes grimacing, sometimes rigid, sometimes festive, illustrated by several choreographic paintings showing moments of great freedom, caught up by synchronized quasi-military collective figures, the masterful sound space, perfectly sticking to the ballet, consisting of a drums and a synth amazing electronics.

The scene that most marked the spectators, the scene where the 500 multicolored flags, violently thrown by the dancers and dancers, swirl the bodies and the flags in the same whirlwind, while the flags become dancers and the dancers. flags in the same colorful musical fairy, everyone flying in the same weightlessness: that of nudity comes to complete this magic moment.
The last painting in which the two dancers and the two dancers are squatting and circle around the totem decked with all the flags is more serious, probably in the image of the current difficult period, but in any case, the message has passed : Do not drape in our rigidity and archaisms and twirl the bodies, sounds and colors in space! It’s flat for me said the visionary Plastic Bertrand a few years ago: it’s flat for them anyway!