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IN BRIEF – Choreographer Christian Ubl is presenting his first dance show dedicated to young audiences, H & G, scheduled at the Meylan Hexagon from December 11th to 13th. The theme ? Overconsumption to which we expose ourselves all. The story Hansel and Gretel serves as a basis for the subject.

In the tale of Brothers Grimm Hansel and Gretel, the two toddlers of the title roam the forest in search of food until they reach the famous house of the witch. The foyer is as tempting – since it is made of sweets – as dangerous – it serves as a bait for the witch.

In H & G, Christian Ubl’s dance show scheduled at the Meylan Hexagon from December 11th to 13th, supermarkets and fast-food companies metaphorically assume the roles of the wicked witch. “It’s not necessarily so obvious but it’s the original idea. It remains dance with more abstract moments. There is a narrative thread but it is not supported by a constant text, “warns the choreographer, who is trying for the first time to show young audience.

Hansel and Gretel against junk-food

“I made sure there was a double reading possible. The universe is very playful for children but parents do not see the same things. In fact, they more immediately understand the condemnation of the underlying junk-food in the show.

“The purpose is not to transpose on the set the story as it was transmitted, but to put fast food and junk food at the heart of the adaptation of the tale, as a concern and inseparable reality. of our time, “explains Christian Ubl.

On the set, the flagship food junk foods are present in a roundabout way. “I absolutely wanted some form of distancing. There was no question of seeing real food on the stage. Costume prints, gadgets and other inflatables add to the playfulness of the scenography. A way to make contemporary dance accessible to the youngest.

Adèle Duminy

H&G © Vincent Martin
H&G © Vincent Martin