Toute la culture | Clown and big illusion

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© Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Round 2 for the Avignon Festival which, with the SACD, proposes the continuation of the ex-subjects with Vivid become Vive the Subject! The program “3”, at 11am, is a bombshell of humor and intelligence.

It all starts with ultra crazy As France is beautiful Gustave Akakpo and Frédéric Blin. The author and the clown amuse themselves with all the most racist stereotypes and divert them to tease French good feelings. Without saying too much, the case is a step of two vocal between these two deconneurs. The story does not say if they knew each other but obviously the connection is doing well. Frédéric Blin in a mini-baroness costume, a cheap wig and a cartoon t-shirt, humor all the hiccups (A bottle falls and he harangues, coming out in one second of his text, but not his role for even better Go back: “We are not vulgarity close!” and Gustave Akakpo is caricatured slayer of the Francophonie.

Filigree is a portrait of the worst of our good feelings. Coluche is quoted at one point, and Pierre Desproges is resuscitated complement. It’s a good thing to be caught by these characters so offbeat, serious when the whole room is writhing with laughter. All this attacks the great intellectual cliches to swallow them and “throw them away” with acidity. A bomb !

At this time of history, it is 11:45 in the beautiful garden of the Virgin Saint Joseph High School and everyone thinks that it will be difficult to pass after them. And yet, Kurt Demey and Christian Ubl have more than met the challenge. Kurt Demey is artistic director of Rode Boom, he is a mentalist. Christian Ubl is a dancer, he is an associate artist at La Briqueterie CDCN in Val-de-Marne until December 2020. On the plateau all punctuated with pieces of lawn cut into geometric shapes, the duo in suits worn on the skin has Looks like Danish pornstars of the 80s. It’s kitschy entry.

For this Garden of Luck, pure magic meets contemporary dance. Honestly, on paper it’s a strange mix! And yet, from this performance, which we can not reveal to you, we understand that candor is a quality. The choreography combines gestures borrowed from the world of magicians, with the hands that draw lots for example, but also repetitive movements as in the 1970s.

Beyond the astonishment of the towers, the performance breaks more than ever the fourth wall without entering a caricature. It’s as crazy as it is amazing, as crazy as it is tender.

Until 23rd, Garden of the Virgin of Saint Joseph High School at 11:00. Duration 1h30

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