Tribune of Geneva

“A U” merges Aboriginal dance and Viennese waltz

Performance At Grütli, Australia’s Kylie Walters and Austrian Christian Ubl leave their home countries to create a unique poetic space..

For one, these are the first letters of Australia, for the other the first syllable of Austria. But for both choreographer Kylie Walters, a native of Warrnambool in Victoria, and Viennese dancer Christian Ubl, “difference is a constitutive element of identity”. This is why, with the composer Sébastien Martel and landscape gardener Gilles Clément, both French, the tandem intends to shape a “third landscape”, poetic and polymorphic: AU, created last October in Marseille – and hosted this week at Grütli. An unprecedented poetic space, where the aboriginal dances abandoned by Kylie Walters and the Austro-Hungarian three-times abandoned by Christian Ubl will be less mixed than objects of a complete overhaul even before the project. Ethnic origins and cultural origins form here a unique amniotic fluid from which a new man, a new language or even a new nature may emerge.

AU” Th. Grütli, 16-20 March, 022 888 44 88, (TDG)
By Katia Berger