La Terrasse | décembre 2017

Kylie Walters & Christian Ubl confront their journey in a funny and offbeat show.

Press review | L’été Danse au CDC #5

"Au" from Ubl and Walters to Summer's Winter in Avignon

L’amuse-danse ! | July 2016

"A U": how green is my "meadow"!

zibeline | July 2016

It also dances in Avignon!

La Terrasse | July 2016

a futile pretext to question the nature of identity.

tanecnizona | spring forward Aerowaves

Crossover full of surprising moments

Tribune of Geneva

A U fuses aboriginal dance with Viennese waltz

Le Dauphiné 26 | 01

There are certain aberrations ...

Les Affiches | Prune Vellot

When bodies reinvent our identity cards

Petit Bulletin n°1000

Concentrated dances

Les Affiches 15 | 01

Contemporary epic

Le Dauphiné 19 | 01

The choreographers will surprise you!

A U | Telerama

between Viennese waltz and traditional aboriginal dances

La Marseillaise | October 20, 2015

A U As (AU)ther Austria or Australia

Au delà de la danse N° 0

interview with christian ubl,
from 23rd january to 6th february 2015 at the 3 c-l