Luxemburger wort

The dance of UBL is a hybrid against nature

Midi Libre | Langogne

"Shake it out" has stirred the public of Langogne

Le Bien Public

Dijon: a European tribe on stage

The Mag # 1 / Durance Theater

Interview with Elodie Presles

The Brigittines | 2015

a trance that rejoices as much as it creates discomfort

An armchair for the orchestra

a frenetic and cruel energy

LE SOUFFLEUR | mars 2015

The energy is such that we forget the machinery

Télérama Sortir | March 2015

He has the chest and the desire to let him know

Heroisches Schuhplatteln


The weekend opened the festival TANZ Bremen


The festival "Tanz Bremen" a cultural shock with cow bells

weser kurier

Europe, as she dances and staggers

NWZ online

Tanz Bremen "whirls up the idea of Europe


Festival "Tanz Bremen" focuses on new forms of choreography

Balroom N° 3

free until the pervert, is a real happiness

Le Bruit du Off | July 2014

The Buzz of the festival

a committed dance that awakens our dormant consciousnesses

DANSER | July 15, 2014

The viewer has a good time

La Provence | July 2014

Freedom and differences are saved. Until when?

Zibeline | February 2014

So good little soldiers

La Marseillaise | February 24, 2014

The dance of Ubl is a hybrid against nature